We Are Inflexion

We’re an innovative game studio headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have a strong, diverse team who are committed to their craft.

Why do we make games? The answer lies in our Purpose

People need places.

Somewhere we don’t have to be, but want to be. Where all are welcome.

Somewhere that adds joy and fun to our lives, and brings together old and new friends with stories to tell.

Somewhere that isn’t about where you’re escaping from. It’s about going where you belong.

Our Purpose Is To Create Places

Our purpose is to create places. Places that tell stories, help people find meaning, and foster communities. We achieve our purpose through developing games because they are the richest, most dynamic medium where what people do can matter.

We can create games that don't just have stories, but that create stories. Games where the stories are discovered, lived, and echo for everyone to hear.

Our games can offer meaning to players. Meaning gives people the inner strength they need to overcome many of life’s hurdles. Meaning motivates. To feel meaningful is to feel immortal.

These are games that will host and nurture communities where players feel belonging. The games we create will challenge those communities, but will never divide them.

If we achieve all of the above, our games will become places.
We will be placemakers, and we will have done good.

Sound like a place to be your best?  Come work with us!

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