About Us

What values guide us each day?  What drives us forward?  We’ve captured this in five core values.


We invite and embrace challenges to our contributions, understanding that improvement comes from open, candid and respectful engagements. We are constantly curious about what is possible and experiment with an open mind. When failure happens, we embrace it through a growth mindset.


We strive to inspire as a world class studio; bringing passion, excellence & energy to our work through adventurous creativity. We achieve our ambition by crawling and walking before we run, increasing our velocity as we go. We think long term and sustainably.

Players First

We listen to our players and measure success by the fun we deliver. Through intentional iteration we pursue innovative and unconventional ideas, taking every opportunity to assess them with our players. We embrace our communities of players, and engage in fair and mutually respectful dialogue.


We cannot achieve our studio goals as individuals; through cross-functional collaboration we learn from each other and strengthen our fellowship. Together we achieve far more than we can as individuals, supporting each other with a “Yes, and!” approach while holding each other accountable to our work. We organize ourselves to be “highly aligned” but “loosely coupled”.


We embrace and celebrate our differences; we share, trust, and support diverse perspectives with respectful and empathetic communication so that we can build mutual understanding and psychological safety. We make decisions that respect differences.

We’re a small team doing great things - come work with us!

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